The Conan Magic Productions was founded by young star magician -- Conan Liu. Our team is composed of a group of international artists, professional TV directors and prop crafters, striving to customize magic illusion show and effect for customers in need. Our art is entertainment and production. Our entertainment productions are more than a simple act or sideshow--they are experiences people never forget.

2017 China Journalists' Festival Gala
2017 China Journalists' Festival Gala


First, we create a unique vision to inform your event planning process. One that is not mass-produced, but specifically designed to suite your needs and venue. Once we develop the custom creative concept, we plan out every detail, step-by-step. We do not simply produce or book entertainment acts, we craft a holistic experience that reacts and complements the reason for your event. Finally, event execution brings the plan to life, creating a unique, memorable performance for your audience. We do almost everything related to magic.


Having been engaged as featuring performer and consultants on numerous TV-Film world wide, we are confident that our team can work closely with you to deliver the perfect mix of natural and dramatic effects and present the best show for your project.


Conan had his one-man show in China and our whole team is proficient in creating and executing theatrical projects. We have a whole mature set of routine and workflow that can be easily blent into our clients' plan and satisfy your demand. 


We will capture the imagination of clients' customers and employees alike, allowing you to retain critical teaching or sales opportunities for the future benefit of your brand or story. Whether it be for a new product launch or simply an educational opportunity for your brand, this is the perfect tool for your business to deliver a memorable moment.


If your show or film needs a magic effect that you want to achieve but don't know how, our team is your best option. We have professional magic consultants and prop designers that can help you realize what in your mind. We will create the whole routine that satisfy your need and prepare it well for the show coming. We even have professional magician teachers and art directors who can support the entire executive process.

Conan Liu

Artist & Director

Yu Sun


Yanxia Zhen

Executive Producer

Royce Luo

Art Director

Allen Zhuang

Executive Director

Yvonne Xie

Executive Director

Zoe Zhou

Stage Manager

Shi Lee

Craft Supervisor

Shavenss Yuh

Artist & Creative Consultant

Xinge Yao


Jing Ma